Patron Burnout: An ArcheAge Review

My Patron status just expired a couple of days ago, so that means I will be playing other games. As of now, I am simply waiting for the Revan expansion in SWTOR so I’m playing all my alts to try and get them to at least level 50 while the 12x EXP is still active.

Part of the reason why is that, I’m simply burned out from playing ArcheAge. It’s one of those feeling when no matter what I do, it feels like there were no progress even though I have gained a couple of levels this past week and I’m getting closer to level 50. This is typically when I find another game to play, thus I started playing SWTOR again.

I manage to get my Trooper to marry Elara. One of the funny things is that, due to the 12x EXP, the quests overlaps so while Aric is twisting and turning in bed due to his injuries, my trooper is making out with Elara. It’s so perfect. As a trooper, Aric is my most hated companion and is the most useless. I still remember the type of jerk he was in Ord Mantell when he outranked my trooper. While my trooper is now a Major, he’s still a sergeant … lol. Payback is a bitch.

Lesson to learn: Don’t be a jerk to your subordinates, because some day they may outrank you and you get stuck at sergeant.

So I’m definitely having fun playing these two games but I’m still looking forward to playing DA: Inquisition. Financially, I cannot afford 2 subs and purchase a game, so for this month of November, I will be keeping SWTOR’s sub and purchase DA:I and maybe use all my gold in ArcheAge to purchase APEX for the patron status — we’ll see, I may not even have enough time to play 3 games.

Author: Enzovic

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