Quick Update – ArcheAge – GW2

ArcheAge: There’s something about this game that I simply cannot just walk away from — so I used up all my in-game gold, 180g, to purchase a couple of APEX to renew my Patron status. Now it’s just a matter of how much of those money I’m getting back and how much the APEX will cost by the end of November if I should continue. My prediction, I won’t be spending enough time in ArcheAge to warrant a renewal for the month of December. By that time, I will be writing about DAI.

GW2: Ok, I got curious and updated my GW2. When the game was updating, I got excited on the size of the update — it’s huge — with 8000+ files. So I logged in and what do I find? CRAP! The bulk of the patch has nothing to do with the Living Story. In fact, the Living Story only lasted for about 10 minutes (minus the time sink built into the aspect boss fights). The big patch is to add a new zone filled with lackluster things to do. Just like the Dry Top update, after a couple of times doing the zone event, it gets boring. On top of that, the place is barren — I mean it’s a desolate area with not enough vegetation. Not only that, I hardly seen anyone doing the escort events — instead, they all hanging around at the Priory. Overall, the story is interesting but I sure hope that they should have focus all effort on the story than trying to add a time sink zone that nobody wants to do. I really feel sorry for those who’s going to get laid off anytime soon to cut costs.

Author: Enzovic

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