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If you’re suggesting they could’ve been diverted from protecting the ‘queen’ to these other people had they known she was an illusion, consider that they didn’t actually succeed in protecting that one illusion. In fact when it came to actual combat many of them were outright annihilated.

If Anise is willing to create an illusion to protect the Queen, that same protection can be extended to all the attendees. In my personal story, Anise has displayed a very powerful ability where she can create multiple clones of herself. Given that she also have the talent to create an illusion of the Queen, she can easily create illusions of the guests since she knows fully that an attack is more than likely to happen. If she’s not sure, then why even bother creating an illusion of the Queen?

If the information was shared with Seraph or a small number of trustworthy personnel, they could’ve setup a trap or a better evacuation plan.

Like I said, information was not shared, strategies were not discussed, so poor people of DR died.

I’m not seeing how that detracts from my point… especially considering they met with mixed success even given forewarning of the exact nature of the attack and target. In this case however nobody knew the nature of the attack, may or may not have been guessing at the most likely target, and could only have said (to the people who are supposed to be prepared for this regardless) that there may be some kind of attack. And given the incident at the pavilion earlier, I imagine they had their suspicions.

Losing control of a watchknight during the opening ceremony should’ve shattered all suspicions and actions should have been taken to insure that no further watchknight can be controlled. If that cannot be insured, then they should have decommissioned all watchknights due to risk of losing control and endangering the public. Isn’t public safety should have been first and foremost?

But nothing happened between the opening and the closing ceremony except for the kakameme plan of creating an illusion of the Queen.

It affects what you’re arguing about, because you take them as incompetent for not doing what’s being portrayed here as beyond their reasonable ability to do.

Really? “beyond their reasonable ability?”

How hard is it to decommission all defected unsecured watchknights?

Instead, they’ve done nothing…just so they can create a tragedy.

From the following missions we get sent on to enable Vorpp to figure out those portals, it’s clear that even the means by which they arrived is not widely available information.

This is what I’m taking about. Why is this being done now and not right after the initial indication that the watchknights are at risk of being controlled by the enemy? This only shows that these NPCs are made incompetent so that there’s something for us to do.

Being powerful doesn’t necessarily help if you have no idea what exactly you’re responding to, nor does it mean you’re just going to know that automatically unless you’re incompetent.

There are several safety measures that could’ve been taken into action if the information was shared and the matter was fully investigated. One of the safety measure, as I mentioned already, is decommissioning all watchknight until further notice.

Considering what little information they apparently had to work with at the time regarding Scarlet and whatever she wants, that they did actually succeed in protecting the queen from her is far from incompetence.

Little the amount of information that might be, but they are important one. One thing we all know for sure is that the watchknights can be controlled by the enemy…start from that. Secure the watchknights or decommission it. Second, there is a security breach and vigilance needs to be elevated, it’s not like Scarlet didn’t made herself known before hand. If it’s an ambush, then it’s understandable, but they have enough time to make preparation and be vigilant.

If the bombs was pulled off like how Mai Trin pulled off her assassination plan, then I cannot fault DR’s finest about it since it was completely unexpected and they are completely unaware — but Scarlet made herself known and showed that she can control the watchknights and having nothing done between the opening and the closing ceremony shows that these NPCs are made to be incompetent just so we, the PCs, can act as heroes. Very poorly executed and not a very satisfying moment. There’s nothing heroic in putting people in danger just so you can play hero and save them…that’s just evil.

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