Elder Scrolls Online – Day 29

The last time I’ve login to the game was a couple of days ago. This due to the fact that the buggy skills, terrain, and quests are starting to really bother me. As the end of the month approaches, I made the decision to not subscribe to this game.

The last straw was the other night when I was fighting some dragon-like daedra and my skills aren’t doing any damage because it keeps on bugging out. When it works properly, the daedras were easy killing, but to have the fight drags on and I ended up dying is unacceptable.

Another thing that really bothered me is the megaserver. The idea is great on paper but it’s a really frustrating experience. Mobs and nodes suddenly disappearing, and quests conversation suddenly becomes non-interactable because someone else triggered the beginning of the quest line.

However, I really did enjoy the game for what its worth and I get to listen to Kate Bekinsale’s sultry voice talking to me. Other than this, I’m not even interested on getting to level 50 anymore (made it to level 42 and I’ve seen others are Veteran 6 already) and since I’ve finished the DC, Fighter, and Mage storylines already, it’s just now trying to get to 50 so that I can complete the main story line. I’m not that motivated anymore to do so because what’s the point if I’ll just keep on dying from buggy skills?

I’m looking forward to the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition to satisfy my RPG cravings. I may even buy Kingdom of Amalaur: Reckoning — I’ll check later on if it’s on sale on Steam.

Author: Enzovic

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