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In this infraction, the moderator feels that it is inappropriate to use current events and real life politics in an analogy. It was an appropriate analogy, the moderator was probably a Democrat with political bias clouding their decision that lead to abuse of moderator power. I was using it as an analogy, not discussing real life politics.

Your post in How is GW2 doing financially? was infracted by a moderator:

meh, this thread is useless since there are many posts here have a wrong premise when looking at the quarterly report.

Just because the number of sales is currently less than before, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going down. You guys are sounding like the Democrats crying “spending cut” when in actuality it just that the previously approved “spending increase” is expiring.

My point is, having the wrong premise will always lead you to the wrong conclusion.

As far as were concerned, the sale may not even be because of GW2, maybe because people are not spending because starting next year, we have to pay for everybody else’s health care cost, or maybe because their investment in Mid-East going negative with all the things going on there, or maybe they simply don’t want to spend the money. There are many other major factors that could have influenced the numbers and none of the things posted here is even close to reality.

Let’s try not to spread misinformation and instead, if you like the game that much, support it.

Moderator Note:

Please note that this forum is not the right place for real life politics. Your posting has therefore been deleted.

This infraction serves only a warning. Additional infractions may award Infraction Points which can negatively affect your account. Infraction points may cause loss of privileges, including forum suspension.

Your message was deleted.

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