Mug and why it was overpowered.

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Sir Vincent III.1286:

My whole point was/is — Mug is just a scapegoat. Red herring. Straw man. Rumpelstiltskin.

Don’t chase the wild goose or the white rabbit because that’s what Anet wants you to do, so that they don’t have to address the real issue — separating the sheep from the goats.

Potato, lumberyard, sheep, clock, kleenex, microphone, pencil, oranges, and a bowl of air. That’s how much sense you just made to me.

Apparently, you are not familiar with philosophical fallacy that when one is used for you to believe what they want you to believe that your are too naive to identify the falsehood of the statement. It is more apparent coming from someone with marginal level of education to believe an obvious fallacy since they somehow find comfort in their ignorance. If you really believe that Mug is overpowered, there is no remedy to that since that is not ignorance, but stupidity — and knowledge is the cure for ignorance, unfortunately, there in no cure for stupidity.

If you think my last post made no sense, your problem cannot be cured by knowledge.

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