Sword/Dagger[Build & Video]

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One thing I like seeing in the video is the “edge of the seat” moments. If it’s a good fight and makes your build shines because you give it your all, then even if you lose, it’s a great video.

If you’re juking with Sword#2, forcing one player to peal out from a group just to die, playing a major part in a zerg even if you die, etc. are great video footage — because from those video, we may learn something.

But if you make a video about 90% of the thieves are already doing with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their back – figuratively – then yeah, that video is nothing special since it doesn’t show something we have not seen before.

If you watch Jumper’s videos, he uses Sword #2 in a way I personally cannot pull off myself. I didn’t finish watching his video either, not because it’s boring, but because I want to try that play style myself.

I’m not saying that you should play like Jumper — I don’t think anyone can — but he makes good videos — also Yishis’ outnumbered videos are great watch too.

Watch not how they play, but how they make their video and how they edit it.

Author: Enzovic

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