Windows 10 Update Headache

Windows 10 has been really good at updating my computer. I have read reports of people complaining…

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Titan Quest: Ragnarok

I don’t remember when did I purchased this game but I started playing when it was just…

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GW2 – Thief/Necro fun builds

I have been quite busy with theorycrafting and testing different builds to find the right fit for…

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GW2: Advanced WvW Deadeye Build

My previously posted Deadeye build focuses on making the first strike to win a fight. This build…

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GW2: Deadeye WvW Sniper Build

After so much theory crafting, tweaking, and tuning. I believe I found the best Deadeye sniper build.

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar

I have been looking forward to playing this game ever since it was announced in Kickstarter. I…

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GW2: Path of Fire

As I’ve said many times over that the most accurate gauge of success is how much money…

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GW2: The Griffon Mount

The Griffon is a hidden mount in GW2 and it implies that it can fly. When ArenaNet…

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Hearts of Iron 4

I’ve been waiting for Hearts of Iron 4 to go on sale and it finally did for…

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GW2: Path of Fire

As far as I can tell, this new expansion of GW2 brought the franchise back to their…

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GW2: Theorycraft Deadeye Build just updated their builder website and here is my preliminary loadout for WvW and major PvE…

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GW2: Mirage

The last profession I tried during the preview weekend is the Mesmer’s new Elite Specialization, Mirage. This…

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GW2: Weaver

Just as the Spellbreaker uses the Initiative system for their adrenaline, the Weaver is an Elementalist Elite…

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GW2: Spellbreaker

I might have been harsh about the Warrior’s Elite spec back during the preview weekend because I…

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